Is Sustainability Creeping into the Fashion World?

Most people who are into fashion are those who care about themselves, and also those that care about the environment they live in. This means that it has been discovered by the fashion industry that sustainability and fashion can go hand in hand.

Promoting Sustainability

With fashion taking on more responsibility when it comes to sustainability it means more important fashion events have to focus on this during their presentation.

Sustainability in the Fashion World

It wasn’t long ago that fashion designers tried to avoid sustainable materials because they were not considered to be chic. Now with buzz words like eco-friendly coming to the forefront fashion designers and manufacturers are capitalizing on this. They have been very innovative at weaving this into fashion attire. The two main factors have been the focus on reducing the carbon footprint and the reduction of the use of chemicals.

Fashion and Sustainability Accountability

Carbon footprint and chemical use are only two of the negative factors that have to be addressed when it comes to sustainability. The fashion industry also has to have a focus on waste and water. Until recently, fashion-conscious people didn’t give much thought to what kind of impact fashion was having on the environment.