Key Elements of Men’s Fashion

It is said that image is everything and, in today’s world, it matters more than ever. How you dress affects how people perceive you and is key to first impressions. Men have accepted that and are continually embracing fashion trends and advice.

That said, men are not ardent shoppers, and that does not appear like it will change anytime soon. While many men want to dress smartly and fashionably, they will not go to the trouble of browsing shopping stalls as women do. Men want to walk into a store, pick a particular item and leave.

The trick for men, thus, is to have at least a few items of each type and know how to wear them. That way, shopping even just a few times a year will suffice.


A healthy mix of formal and casual wear is necessary. Have at least two complete suits for strictly formal occasions. Black suits are the safest bet, but you can be a bit different with a shade of blue, mostly navy. Top that up with five shirts to go with the suits and a slightly wider variety of ties and your formal look is good to go.

For semi-formal occasions, invest in nice sweaters to replace the suit jacket. In this category, you can work with as few as two, but the more, the better.

For a casual look, there’s so much to experiment with. The weather basically determines what casual look to wear. Shorts are the in-thing right now. Khakis and denim are also always on point; it is varying designs that change a trend.


The shoe a man wears makes the greatest statement about his sense of fashion. Shoes, thus, should come as a priority rather than an afterthought in men’s fashion. For the formal look, you can never go wrong with leather.

There is, again, greater freedom of choice in casuals. Loafers have ruled the casual look over many fashion cycles, and they can be sneaked into the semi-formal look too. Undoubtedly every man should have a pair of nice loafers. Depending on preference, there are sports labels, sneakers, sandals and much more to choose from.


Accessories have a great place in men’s fashion; belts lead the way. Again, leather belts are a great way to complete the formal look. As an unwritten rule, a man’s belt should be of the same colour as his shoe.

Leather belts do not ruin the casual look either, and they work even when you are wearing sandals. You may, however, experiment with a few fabric belts. Whatever belt you choose, remember that smaller buckles look more sophisticated.


Even in the era of checking the time on phones, a wristwatch is a great fashion statement. It shows that a man pays attention to his look. Wristwatches come in all sizes and at all costs. It is, however, better to lack a watch than to go for a cheap knock-off.