New Trends in Skin Care

The fashion industry is always changing globally. There is always something new being launched or created in the skincare department to meet the ever-growing demand of people seeking flawless skin. Some of the emerging trends in skin care are:

Reduced Physical Exfoliants

Skincare products are moving away from the physical exfoliants that have microbeads. These exfoliants have been found to be damaging the skin, including tearing into the skin layer. As a replacement, companies like Verso Skincare have come up with skincare products that have chemical exfoliants like glycolic acid. These are more effective and have been found to be less damaging.

Less Chemicals

More people are now looking towards buying skincare products that have minimal chemicals. The trend to go natural means that people are reading the ingredient list more keenly and only buying what does not have too many chemicals and preservatives.


You have probably noticed that skincare products manufacturers are now spending more time and money on their packaging. Both skincare and hair fashion are investing in packaging that can be repurposed into other use before being recycled. For instance, a cleanser bottle can be reused as a sanitizer dispenser.

Use of By-Products

Skincare products are now laden with by-products in an effort to bring about environmental sustainability. Coffee scrubs can be turned into body scrubs, more food items such as fruits are now being infused in skincare products, among other by-products.