Your Fashion and Your Health- The Connection

When most people think about fashion, the only thing that comes to mind is looking the part. It is all about rocking the latest trends earlier and better than anybody else. Most people don’t bother to think about the health ramifications that come with their fashion choices.

For example, have you noticed that many women complain about high heeled shoes killing them but then go ahead and rock a pair every day of the working week? Or that young adults are likely to go the ‘freeze and shine’ way by not wearing warm clothes in cold weather because they think it cramps their fashion?

These and more health concerns are forming part of modern fashion evolution. There are different opinions from different quarters regards the same. New scientific discoveries are also offering hitherto unseen points.

Effect of Fashion Textiles on Health

This has been an area of concern for centuries. As humans started embracing clothes as a way to keep out the cold, they were faced with a major setback. It was feared that the very clothes meant to keep out cold for health purposes could become breeding grounds for small, hazardous organisms.

Little insects like lice found a good habitat in the clothes worn by humans even in cold weather. For this reason, people started to look for fabrics that could be easily washed even during the cold weather. Wool, despite being a very warm fabric, suffered the downside of retaining moisture and being a good place for insects to hide.

Nowadays, the health effect of materials is a key factor in the fashion industry. Especially in this age where allergies are very common, people have to be aware of the clothing material that suits them best.


Shoes are a major item of fashion that continues to raise health concerns. The heel of the shoe for both men and women has been a key talking point. The form and height of the heel determine your general gait and affects the points where your body exerts pressure.

Women are more affected by heel size as they are the main wearers of high heels- the fashionable shoe that goes in the opposite direction to health and wellness. Most women today are embracing the character of packing a low-heeled shoe even to events where they require high heels. They only wear the high heels for a specific part of the function then switch to flats immediately after.

The material of a shoe is also an area of concern. Lately, there have been developments where shoes are made in such a way that they can allow the feet to ‘breathe.’ This helps to keep legs relaxed. Moreover, there is an emphasis on shoes that can prevent foot injuries while at the same time maintaining that fashionable look.